A number of years ago the answer to this question would have been yes. However today, the gap between offering a reliable service between monitored emergency dialers and the CareAlert Smart Dialler has been greatly minimized, to the point where it is hardly an issue. The reason for this is because of the advent of mobile phones and the ease in which people can be contacted. Also, Triple One can be programmed as a final phone number into the Dialler, making it an extremely reliable product.
The CareAlert Smart Dialler has the capacity to dial up to 5 different numbers including mobiles or even overseas numbers. The chances of none of these numbers being live answered are highly unlikely and so the degree of service reliability of the CareAlert Smart Dialler is very high. In fact it should be noted that many other expensive monitored systems, when activated will go through to a call centre, who in turn then ring through to the persons that you have requested to be notified in case of an emergency.
To use the terms of an expensive monitored system marketing brochure, “the vast majority of calls are handled by relatives or friends of the person in need”. The CareAlert Smart Dialler simply does away with the “middle man” or “monitoring call centre” and therefore saves you a lot of money but still provides you with an excellent degree of 24-hour peace of mind protection.

The waterproof remote pendant is a transmitter operating on a frequency of 433.92MHz. Its range depends on a number of environmental factors, however it will generally function within and even beyond a 50 metre radius of the Smart Dialler. In many cases it operates in excess of 50 metres, making it suitable for providing excellent coverage within the perimeters of even a relatively large home and garden area. If you wish you can boost the aerial range by purchasing an aerial booster from our website. It does need power to operate and will need to be placed in a strategic location such that it will ensure 100+ metre range.

Yes. You can have a maximum of 10 per dialler. When you receive extra pendant/s you will need to follow the pairing/learning instructions in this book. To order go to www.careAlert.com.au

No. The CareAlert Smart Dialler has EPROM technology meaning that whatever you program into it, will remain, even if power is lost or if the dialler is stored or taken to another premises.

The CareAlert Smart Dialler has been especially designed with a response feature that allows it to know whether you call for assistance has been live answered or not. The recipient of the call is asked to press the * (Star Key). This sends a signal to the Smart Dialler which opens up the 2-way communication feature and also lets the Smart Dialler know that the call has been live answered. Obviously this signal will not be sent if the call is answered by an automated answering system. If the CareAlert Smart Dialler does not receive this *(Star Key) signal, it will continue to dial out to the next number that has been stored.

Yes. Unlike some expensive monitoring dialing systems that you rent and never own, this dialler is yours completely once it has been fully paid for.

Yes. This product has passed all the strict and rigorous Australian and New Zealand standards including PTC 200, AS/NZS 60950:2000, AS/ACIF S002:2001, AS/ACIF S004:2001. A full set of test reports and compliance documentation is kept by Safety Electrical Services Pty Ltd.

The dialler has been designed to be user friendly and can be easily self programmed. If you are not comfortable with following the step-by-step instructions provided with this product, then we suggest allowing some-one else (perhaps a family member or friend) do so on your behalf. Therefore, there is no need to pay for any further installation costs. 

No. While this may be a primary reason for the purchase of this excellent product, nevertheless, the application of using the CareAlert Smart Dialler varies greatly. For a detailed look at these different applications please go to carealert.co.nz

Yes, two way communications is possible over the loud speaker and microphone system built into the Smart Dialler. It sits alongside your phone and so obviously it is limited by how far the person needing help is away from that room. It will also depend on the layout of the home and its furnishings. Plush furnishings attenuates sound and can therefore limit the distance outside the room whereas open planned living and tiled floors allows for two way communication to take place over a greater distance. If the person needing help is outside and 2 way communication couldn’t be established the person called hangs up and loud doorbell chimes are then heard coming from the dialler to indicate to the person needing help that someone is on the way to the door to help. These chimes can be heard outside the house if one listens for them. There is no communication via the pendant.

No more than if you lifted the phone handset and dialed with your own phone. After all that is what it is doing, only it is automated.

The pre-recorded message that you place on the dialler mentions your name and address and the fact that you have pressed your CareAlert button. As soon as Triple One operatives hear the Company name of CareAlert they have been instructed to put the call through to St John Ambulance. Triple One also have CLI (Call Line Identifier) software and know the location of the caller. The CareAlert Smart Dialler is designed for Ambulance Only NOT Police or Fire Brigade. Please note however, that Triple One nor the Ambulance will guarantee a response, as their resources may already be used to capacity.


The pendant battery is a 23A 12V battery available at most supermarkets. We state that they should be replaced every 2-3 years; they will however continue many more years in most instances. You can press the yellow centre button (Local Nurse Call Button) on the pendant and you will see a blue light flash on the pendant and also hear a loud door bell chime coming over the loud speaker of the dialler indicating that your battery is communicating Ok with the dialler. If battery is low you’ll hear a recorded message saying: “Your pendant battery is low please change the battery”.

The dialler has a 9V rechargeable battery backup which usually lasts for some hours and will permit dialing for help during a power blackout. When the power is restored the battery is recharged automatically back to full charge by the dialler ready for the next power failure. This battery should be replaced every 5 years.

Yes, the pendant has no electromagnetic field that affects a pacemaker and when activated sends a 433MHZ signal at a very low power rate (same strength as a Roller Door and TV remote) which will not affect the pacemaker. If you still have doubts then please give these stats to your cardiologist to receive confirmation.

Yes, we provide in the standard pack both a necklace and wristband and you choose which you wish to attached to the button. The necklace is a stainless steel chain and the wrist band is Velcro with a chrome buckle.

Yes you can go online to www.carealert.co.nz and order under accessories.

The Smart Dialler will dial that number and even if it should go to message bank our dialler will then dial on to the next number you placed in its memory. It does not take message bank as a live answer but plays the pre-recorded help message onto the message bank of the person on holiday and then dials on. It will continue to twice dial all numbers programmed in sequential order, however once a live call has been answered and responds with the appropriate key then the dialler will cease to dial any more numbers. You can change numbers and the message in the dialler whenever you desire.

The CareAlert Smart Dialler needs a land line with dial tone to dial out for help. If you do not have a landline you can purchase a “fixed cellular terminal” that operates with a SIM card and presents a dial tone. These can be obtained via ebay for around $50 but remember there will be an ongoing cost for the SIM card which is your responsibility to purchase.

No, our pendant is unique in that it requires simultaneous pressure on the two red buttons on the sides of the pendant. This is a design feature to prevent accidental ambulance call out which is an issue with many other single button pendants.

Yes it can. It does however mean that two cables will be seen joining the phone with the Dialler on the bench below or mounted on the wall nearby. If you have another phone port elsewhere it may be preferable to use that so that the telecom cables cannot be seen. It is purely a matter of aesthetics.

Yes, you can. Where you have the usual filter splitter with an ‘ADSL’ port and a ‘phone’ port alongside one another you simply plug the CareAlert Smart Dialler into the ‘phone’ port using the cable we provide in the pack and then your phone connects to the rear of the dialer where it is marked ‘Tel’ for telephone.

Yes, provided they do not have a blocked number. Although the Smart dialler is doing the auto dial to you, it is still coming from the standard number at that location.

The CareAlert Smart Dialler system belongs to you. So you can give it to other family members, or to an institution like the Lions Club who will ensure it finds a home with someone in need. In any case you can delete the numbers and voice message by following the instructions.