The CareAlert Smart Dialler has many varied applications and simply requires a power point and phone line to function. It can be operational within 20 minutes. It is easy to program, comes complete with every accessory and will provide real peace of mind in any of the following applications.

Medical Alert Device - Convalescing Patients - Living in Isolation -
Domestic - Work Place - Physically Impaired Persons -
Nursing Homes - Retirement Villages - Business -

Medical Alert Device
Sometimes we need our own space when making a recovery after a recent illness or surgery. We feel more comfortable in our own home. We would feel much more comfortable if we also made our recovery with the CareAlert smart dialler right alongside of us. When in need we simply activate our waterproof remote pendant and our call for help is put into speedy action. Our loved ones will also feel much more comfortable knowing that this system is on standby, ready to help 24 hours a day.

The older we become the truer the saying “There’s no place like home”.Our home is our castle and it is a place where we feel most comfortable. When we live on our own or with our partner and we are getting older in years, it really is common sense to have a medical alert system such as the CareAlert smart dialler in our homes. A simple accident or a careless mistake could easily leave us unable to phone or call out for assistance. We therefore can become vulnerable to a very nasty experience and that is why the CareAlert smart dialler can offer us real peace of mind in time of need. In the case of an unfortunate accident or sudden illness, we can simply activate our CareAlert smart dialler and let it do the calling for help for us. With this simple but effective system in our home we can have  confidence with real peace of mind and remain in our home environment that we love.

Retirement Villages
Retirement villages offer excellent communal living facilities with our own smaller more manageable unit, meeting and activity venues and attractive maintained grounds. The addition of the CareAlert smart dialler into our unit will give us that extra safety and peace of mind that we would expect in this technological age. In case of urgent need, a simple activation of the remote waterproof pendant, will allow our CareAlert smart dialler to contact whoever we wish. Perhaps the 24-hour resident village carer or a neighbour or friend. The best part about the CareAlert smart dialler is that you can easily program it yourself and it has no on-going monitoring fees whatsoever. The money you will save with this system is well worthwhile.

Nursing Homes
It is a very nice feeling knowing that you can still have your own privacy in your Nursing Home. However a fall or a sudden illness could prove to be very nasty and that is why the CareAlert smart dialler can offer you inexpensive 24-hour peace of mind. Just knowing it is always ready to spring into action at anytime is very comforting.

Living in Isolation
Many families and individuals in New Zealand live in isolation. The CareAlert smart dialler can offer us a high degree of support should an accident or sudden illness strike us while at home. Great for isolated individuals who want an extra sense of support from a personal alarm in case of need.

Physically Impaired Persons
Persons with a physical disability know the importance of having their own privacy and solitude. However they also understand that should the need arise for assistance, such help should only ever be a push of a button away. The CareAlert Smart Dialler can give them assurance and confidence that help is not far away. This confidence is given without the high price tag or on-going costs.

Work Place
Occupational Health & Safety laws now demand that employers provide a safe working environment for all employees. Failure to meet these safe working practices could prove very costly to employers. If employees at times work on their own, they could be subjected to an unexpected accident or illness that could go un-noticed. Such an event could be avoided with the CareAlert Smart Dialler. An in-expensive solution to a potentially costly and unwanted experience.
When we are alone in our business, it can be rather daunting to know that we are vulnerable to any sort of undesirable experience. However with the CareAlert smart dialler installed and either on Alarm or mute, we can easily call direct for assistance with-out detection. Similar type products can cost many hundreds of dollars, plus much more for monitoring, however the CareAlert smart dialler is inexpensive to purchase and has no extra on-going monitoring fees to ever worry about.