5 Points to consider with your Loved Ones Personal Alert System

Personal Alert Systems are a device that every elderly person who may need urgent assistance should have. Children generally feel obliged to make sure that their parents are well taken care of, and one of the ways is through providing a care alert system. Here are seven consideration points when deciding on what and why parents need to have a personal alert system.

Gives peace of mind

Both parents and children will have peace of mind. The parents will be comforted in knowing that should there be any emergency they have someone to turn to. They feel that they are not alone, somebody is ready to offer emergency assistance when called upon. The children have some peace of mind knowing that their parents are only a press of a button away, when they need any assistance, be it of medical nature or security, they just trigger a call and assistance will be on the way. They do not have to worry that their parents are alone and may face difficulties when in need of urgent attention.

More than one contact

The elderly CareAlert system provides room to program up to five contacts. In an emergency, a message will be played to the 1 st in line and progress through the cue if no-one answers their phone. The fact that there are five persons increases the chance of response. Elderly persons are assured that should they need urgent assistance, triggering the call will at least reach to one of the five persons. As a backup Triple One can be notified who will dispatch an Ambulance.

Back up battery

Always make sure your device comes with a backup battery in an event there is no power. The batteries should last a minimum of 24hrs to cope with lengthy power outages or when somebody disconnects power supply.

Cannot be accidentally triggered

Check the device is designed in such a way that one cannot accidentally trigger a call. The CareAlert dual pressure point pendant ensures that accidental triggers are reduced. This means that all the triggers that will reach to the five contacts are real and ought to be responded to in an urgent manner. It also minimizes cases of misuse.


There is a feeling of safety as one is assured that should there be any emergency help will be available. With a personal care alert system, an elderly person may be alone at home but feels as if he or she has company as there are people including emergency services who are only a trigger away.

You may not be able to be there for your elderly loved one 24/7 but CareAlert can.

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